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  • Living in the Wait: A Perspective for Singles

    One of the most refining crucibles in which the beauty and character of Christ is forged in our lives is that period of time I call “the wait”; that undefined and seemingly interminable season in which the longings of our heart and the prospect yet future collide with a conflicting array of thoughts and emotions.

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  • God Is Love

    Our understanding of God and the image of Him we carry around in our head and heart is so important because it shapes how we worship and how we live our life. Is He simply our patriarch, the aging grandpa who sits back in His rocking chair, patting us on the head and giving us

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  • The Holiness Of God

    God’s holiness is often associated with His majesty, sovereignty, and awesome power. Holiness is so much the essence of who God is, that Amos speaks of Him as swearing“by His holiness” (Amos 4:2). This is simply another way of saying that “the Lord God has sworn by Himself” (Amos 6:8). In fact, God’s name is

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  • Finding Your Voice In The Psalms – Part 3

      In the last, “Finding Your Voice in the Psalms – Part 2,” we noticed that David’s prayers are more passionate and insistent because of the tension and injustice he felt and that this is very instructive for us. The mere act of spending our grief in full measure before the LORD can sometimes take

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  • Finding You Voice In The Psalms – Part 2

    The prophet Samuel anointed David at an early age in the presence of his family. The pouring of oil over his head symbolised his consecration to God and created a strong sense of destiny in his soul. The prophet’s word bound God to this young man. Yet for almost 10 years there was surprising little

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  • Finding Your Voice in the Psalms – Part 1

    Someone has referred to the Psalms as the songs and?sighs of the saints. Of the 150 Psalms in the Psalter, David?composed approximately half – 74. Over time they were?collected and bound into individual books to be used as?Israel’s hymnal, complete with musical notations. The?Psalter became Israel’s voice to God in all generations and?was memorized by

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