Complete Picture Part 1

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  • December 8, 2012

Complete Picture Part 1

Pencil or Pen an activity sheet for each participant. (Download Activity Sheet Here)

You are going to now be given a test. Your performance on this test will determine much about your future. I am going to give you a pair of words or phrases and you are to choose the correct answer from each pair and write it down

Read each set of choices a couple of times.

Answer any questions by simply saying “Write down the correct answer

1. Red or White
2. Blue or Green
3. Stars or Planets
4. South or North
5. 6 or 60
6. Metal or cloth
7. Jack or Jill
8. 1 or 100
9. 5 or 7
10. In the air or on the ground
11. Round or rectangle

After you have finished reading the various choices, select a couple of participants and ask them read their answers out. Let them know how many they have gotten correct.

How do you think you went on this test?
How did you feel about this performance test? (Frustrated, confused, didn’t make sense, not enough information, unfair)

Did anyone know if their answers are correct?

What if I give you a little more information?
Invite the participants to look at the Australian national flag
Hold up the flag and then ask them how they would answer the questions now, with more information

How do you think you went this time?
How did you feel about this performance test this time?

Then give them the questions.
Quickly run through the choices again – with the whole group responding out loud
Answers –

1. What colour are the stars on the flag – White
2. What colour is the background – Blue
3. Are there stars or planets on the flag –Stars
4. Which direction is the cross named after – south
5. How many stars on the flag – 6
6. What is the flag made of – cloth
7. Who is the union named after – Jack
8. How many 5 point stars are there – 1
9. Where would you normally find it – In the air
10. What shape is it – Rectangle

How did you feel about this performance test now?
Was this a bit fairer?
The more information you have the more you are able to give a correct answer.

What conclusions can we reach from this activity?

• We can get confuse and make wrong decisions when we don’t have the complete picture
• Our choices are easier when we fully understand what is expected of us
• We need to get all the information, see the big picture so that we can make the right choices when decisions arise

It’s hard to have the answers if you don’t have the complete picture. It can be very confusing. But the more we learn the less confusing it becomes.

How does this relate to being a Christian?

As a Christian is it important to have the complete picture? Yes at least the big picture
Is it important to know as much about your faith as possible? Yes
How do find this out? Bible
Can we believe everything we read in the bible? Yes
Sometimes we can tend to pick and choose what we want from the bible, but when we do this we are really only getting part of the picture God wants us to get.
Some people look at Gods word like a buffet bar or a smorgasbord, I will have a little of this and a little of that but none of that because I don’t like that. It’s unpleasant, it doesn’t sit with me. I can’t cop that.
Can we pick and choose what we like and what we don’t?

When we decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong in Gods word, all we are really doing is choosing our own God. The one that suits us, the one we can bring out if we need him

This is not what God teaches

Read 2 Timothy 3:16. All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correction, and training in righteousness

God breathed – Straight from the mouth of God
God equips us by giving us his thoughts, instructions and teachings through the bible.
By listening to Gods word we are trained in righteousness.
What is this word righteousness? To put it simply it means “right doing” God trains us in doing right through His word.
Why do we need to be “trained in doing right?”

Read 2Ti 3:17. So that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
To equip us thoroughly not just the bits we think we need or want

Read Psalm 119:1-6
What does it mean to “walk according to the law of the Lord? – To live by Gods word. We are to believe Gods word so much that we live by it. All of it?
The bible is perfect and complete – far superior to anything man could ever think of.

Read Psalm 19:7-14
We will be rewarded for keeping Gods word, including the difficult parts, the parts that we sometimes ignore because we either find them too hard or just don’t want to live by them.

I know it is hard to understand some things in the bible, that’s where faith comes in. If we knew everything perfectly there would be no need to live by faith, we could live by fact.

Trust wholly in the word of God and obey even the things that you don’t like, after all there is a lot about us that God must struggle with yet he loves us enough to die for us. Don’t be confused into thinking that we can obey only the parts of God’s word that suit our current lifestyle. Gods calling is to live in obedience to all His word/. Take the time to study and get to know the God that created everything you see so that the big picture will be clear regarding the work of our Savour Jesus Christ, The clearer the picture the easier it is to make the right decisions.

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