How Far Are You From God?

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  • December 8, 2012

How Far Are You From God?

Straight Line

Form a straight Line so that each person’s right shoulder is in the center. Write the word “GOD” up on the whiteboard

“Imagine that this board is God and you are as close as you can be to him; now as I read the following sentences follow the instructions as it applies to you….. BE HONEST!!!”

1 step at a time

-If you argued with someone this week, step away one step

-If you covered the truth or didn’t tell the complete truth this week, step away one step

-If you read your bible everyday this week, step one step closer

-If you didn’t step away one step

-If you engaged in a little bit of negative talk about someone this week, step away one step

-If you prayed at least 4 times this week, step closer

-If you didn’t step away one step

– If you talked about your faith with a non-Christian friend this week, step closer

-If you didn’t, step away one step

-If you were honest on all these questions, step closer

“Notice where you are standing in regards to where you were when you started”

Is there a fair indication of where you see yourself in your relationship to God?

Is this where you want to be in your relationship to God?

Steps back to God

Take one step forward if you would like to start reading your bible every day

Take one step forward if you would like to start to pray everyday

Take one step forward if you have a friend that you want to share the gospel with

Sit down

“Were you embarrassed when you had to take a step away from the word God?”

“How did you feel when you were able to take a step closer to the word God?”

“Did you notice a difference in the size of your steps when you had to go away and then when you were able to come back? Did you take smaller ones away and larger ones towards the centre?”

God knows us so well, Psalm 139:1-4 tells us that. When I rise, sit, Lying down, my thoughts, my words before I speak them.

Verse 7-10 says “where can I go where you are not, you’re in the heavens, in the depths. On the far side of the sea.”

Verse 11-12 says even in the darkest of places you see me. Why?

Verse 13 He is our created, from the womb to eternity. We should praise Him for our wonderfully made we are and the wonder of His work. Nothing about us is secret to God; in fact He knows our lives from beginning to end even before we started them.

The Psalmist responds in verses 17-18 He says in contrast to my thoughts Oh Lord, your thoughts are precious and vast, outnumbering the grains of sand, I fall asleep as I count them and when I awake I feel your presence even more.

I don’t know about you but this is something that’s exciting, something to strive for, to be so close to God that each morning the first thing you think about is Him and His ways and His thoughts. Now that’s a great way to start the day. What about going to bed with a peace and knowledge that God is so close to you and loves you so much, your last thought at night.

Do you long for this type of connection with God, this close relationship with God? It would have to be better than the loneliness and worry and pressure that permeated our lives today wouldn’t it.

Verses 23-24 sums up the desire of the psalmist after he realises and understands that amazing God he serves, he says remove from me anything that keeps me from having a close relationship with you. Find anything that is offensive to God that would keep you from seeking Him each day because it is always us that leaves the close relationship with God. He never leaves us, the bible says that over and over again, no one can pluck you from my hand God says, I will never leave you or forsake you God says

You know sometimes we disappoint God, just like Peter did when he denied Him three times, but did God forsake Him, No He saw Peters repentance and restored Him to become a great man of God.

God is not interested in the ways you disappoint Him, He is only interested in the way you respond. Don’t Keep running away stand still and listen, God is calling for you to draw closer to Him.

If you are far from God tonight, it may because you have something in your life that holds you back from giving everything over to Him, you can’t let go even though you know its effecting your relationship with Him or it may simply be that you are yet to really figure out who God is and how you can have a close relationship with Him, Whatever it is, you may need help, trust us or trust another Christian friend to help you work through it so you can have the relationship God desires.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. James 4:8.

God promises you if you desire to draw near to Him and take those positive steps toward Him then He will draw near to you. But you can never wonder where is God when you are the one who is not putting time into the relationship.

Bow heads/close eyes/Pray

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