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  • December 8, 2012


Being a Community

Who can give me a definition of community?

Web definition: A society of people having common rights and privileges, or common interests, civil, political, etc. or living under the same laws and regulations.

Over the course of a week those who went to the Elevator camp learnt a few things about what it was like to live as a community set apart from other communities to live and work together for a common cause.

Can you name for me communities in which you are currently involved, the various groups to which you belong? (Write on board)

Are there any requirements to join or remain part of these communities?

What about the Christian community, does it have anything in common with these other communities?

Is the commitment the same?

Are there any requirements to be part of the community?  (Commitment to Christ is a prerequisite to be a true part of the Christian community) “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” —John 1:12 (NIV)

Are there any ongoing commitments to remain part of the community?

What was Christian community like in the early days of the church?

We can get an idea by reading Acts 2:42-47

What do you see about the Christian community from these verses? Devoted themselves to eating, fellowship and prayer together-had everything in common-gave as anyone had need (shared)-met together often-praised God together-God blessed them.

Christian community is the daily sharing of life in Christ.

Being part of a community is a choice; you can enter and leave some at any time with no consequence (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter)

But understand this, when you become a follower of Jesus, you are joining a family.  Not a religion, or a club, or an organization, you are joining a family.  These are your brothers and sisters, those who have called on the name of Jesus.

Being part of the Christian community is a commitment, when you accept Christ as your Lord then you must be totally committed to following Him. How did God show His commitment to us? (Jesus)

He did that so we can become part of His community, we are now called the children of God. We are set apart to do His will in whatever way He calls us to.

I look at this group here and I see us as a community, everything we do within our community impacts on the other people.

  • If you were to come and find the leaders not here you would wonder what’s going on and if none of you turned up we would be the same.
  • If someone were to be hurt by some one else we would all feel their pain and want to comfort them.
  • If someone here was in trouble we would want to help them
  • If someone here was sad we would want to find out why to help them work through it.

That’s what community is about. People with a common interest helping each other to be the best we can be. Our common interest is the grace given us by God through Jesus Christ.

That’s us, we are stronger when we are together, we need each other and others need us. They need us just as we are. The people God made us to be, sincere, caring, and selfless. When Gods people work together and follow Him, who can stop them.

But we need to be serious about it, are we? Kate is Luke your brother, he has accepted the Lord as your saviour, and do you love him like a brother?Troy, you have accepted the Lord as your saviour, do you love Grace like a sister?

That’s what God wants from you. Love each other as brother and sisters in Christ. Work for each other to help each other in hard times and share your thoughts and joys with each other in good times. Respect each other and trust each other. If someone shares with you a struggle, help them. If some one tells you something in confidence be true to them, if someone is doing something wrong be honest and open with them. But do it all because you love them as a brother or a sister in Christ.

Jesus is Lord of your life, you know what He did for you and many of you have chosen to follow Him, you are part of His community, do as He asks and live your life for Him.

I saw a line on a young Christian girl’s web site a few days ago that really encouraged my heart.

It read “Jesus Christ died for me so now I live for Him.

Let us all live for Him together as a community of believers.

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