It’s Time To Come Home

It’s Time To Come Home(Right click and select “Save Link As” to download)

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10-04-2016 Sunday

Kirby Lancaster

Having grown weary of life on the run, David has abandoned his place of protection under the sheltering wings of God in Judah, and fled to a man-made city among the Philistines. For more than a year he has been living on the razor’s edge, acting as a double agent under the sharp eye of Achish, king of Gath. Surprisingly, David seems to escape not only his own moral lapses but, like the patriarchs of old, Abraham and Isaac (who also dwelt as aliens with Abimelech, in Gerar), in the midst of oppression he is actually becoming a rich man. It is now the eve of the great battle. Tension mounts as the Philistines prepare to face off once more with King Saul and his Israelite armies. David, of course, is now incorporated in the Philistine army. How will the Lord rescue this wayward son and bring him home?

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