Art Show: 18 August @ 10:45am

Art Show-3


Join us as we celebrate God, creativity, and art!

“God is a creative master. He cast the stars into space, shaped the planets, spoke billions of animals into existence, and brought forth humans from dirt. God bursts and brims and overflows with creativity. He delights in beauty and in bringing order out of chaos. Some of you artsy painter types like to wear pants that are spattered in paint. It shows the watching world (or at least those who are interested in your pants) that you are an artist. But you’ve got nothing on God. God is the master Creator. His pants are spattered with planets and galaxies. Because we are created in the image of God we all have an irresistible impulse to create and to establish order. When a painter brings forth beauty from the chaos of his paint palette, he is reflecting the image of God. When an accountant massages an unruly mass of data into an intelligent sales report, she is reflecting the image of God. When a writer assembles letters into words and words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into pages and pages into a book, he is reflecting the image of God. When a wife tastefully decorates her house with paint colors and throw pillows, she is reflecting the image of God. When a chef mixes flower and sugar and eggs to create a cake, she is reflecting the image of God.” Stephen Altrogge

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