Movie – The HOPE: 29th September @ 6pm



The story of God’s promise for all people. This film was created in co-operation with motion picture producers and distributors around the world, The HOPE is an 80 minute dramatic presentation of God’s epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible.

The HOPE video begins with these words…Throughout time people have considered the world in which we live; the complexity and beauty of  nature, the mystery of life and death, the depth of human joy and pain…and they have wondered, ‘How did it all come to be? Is this world the  result of chance…or design? Is there something, or someone behind it all? And if there is such a being, then what is He like? Does He have a  purpose for this world? Does He have a purpose for me in this world? Does He have a purpose for me beyond this world? And if there is such a  being, then what is He like? Does He have a purpose for this world? Does He have a purpose for me in this world? Does He have a purpose for me beyond this world?

These questions from the beginning of The HOPE are not new. People have long pondered the meaning and purpose of their lives, and they have questioned the presence of a divine creator. For many, questions about purpose and the existence of God are inseparable. Even the prominent 20th century atheist Bertrand Russell once said, “Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless.” Why would an avowed atheist make such a statement? Because purpose implies intent, and intent implies design. And if there is a design to this world, then there must be a designer. Perhaps then, there are questions even more basic than that of life’s purpose. Is there a Designer…and is this Designer knowable? Please understand that it is not the intent of The HOPE to prove God…but rather to reveal Him. As the narrator says at the outset of the video, “for those who seek answers, for those who are listening, there is a voice.” What about you? Are you listening? Maybe you’ve already made up your mind that God does not exist, or maybe you believe there is a God, but you’re unsure about what He is like. For the purpose of our study, perhaps you should ask yourself before you go further, “Am I really listening? Is it possible that there is something about God I’ve not yet heard or understood?” In the Bible we find a verse that tells us God has long been speaking, but that man has not always listened to Him or received His message.

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