Rest In a Driven World: Begins Sunday, 23 June

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  •  June 5, 2013
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The Sabbath (a word that evokes many enslaving misconceptions) was originally intended as a radical departure from the cares of this world into another dimension of time, where the primary focus was for God’s people to celebrate the free gifts of God’s creation and redemption. Imagine that you’ve been working for as long as you can remember in the hot sum to keep life and limb together, with scarcely any time for leisure and reflection. Then God comes to you with His omnipotent authority and says: ‘I don’t want you to work so much. I want you to have one day off each week to rest and really enjoy what matters most in life.’ Would you consider that a cruel burden to be borne or a gracious gift to be received and enjoyed? In this short four-week series we will learn that more important than being busy for God is being dependent upon Him, and being sensitive and able to respond at a moment’s notice to His call. Busyness can be a distraction to godliness if we are too busy with our own agenda to respond to God’s leading. We will learn to move to the rhythm of God’s heart – rather than marching to the driven drumbeat of the world.

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