A Tug Toward Heaven

I was reading through my journals of the times God has enabled me to be in India. So I thought I would share an entry written in the early morning of 2007 in Pappanaickanpatty, Tamil Nadu.

It is the dawning of a new day and I am invited to savour the reality of what life is meant to be. How delightful to behold the lush green leaves of the tamarind stretching out to embrace the moist morning air with the promise of the day’s warming sun. As the mist rises above the mountains, it clears as it were, my vision so that the panoply of God’s creative handiwork can be fully enjoyed. In the nearby temple, swamis chant rhythmically, reminding me of God’s redemptive heart that has led me yet again to be a sojourner through this distant land that I love. Though thousands of miles removed from my earthly residence, there is a strong heavenly tug towards a Home that awaits me. Life in the rural villages of India is so reminiscent of a time when all men were intimately tied to the land. For it is life’s simple pleasures that are often diluted with the never ending flood of modernity. The streets are filled with delicately balanced water containers – carried by the very fibre of the family unit, so that the household can take bath and be refreshed for the day. Doors are opened from before dawn, both of house and heart, beckoning any who pass by to share in unguarded community life. There is no human practise that seems to obstruct this true intercourse of life. Though the day be like the many before, there is a new freshness that reaches out to welcome me to yet another opportunity to live Christ.

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