Movie Night – Hidden Secrets (Jan 25th)

Hidden SecretsBring your own blanket, chair, and snacks and settle in for an evening for the entire family.

Hidden Secrets

What would happen if your secret was suddenly exposed? Nine friends discover just how explosive it can be, as their past becomes their present. Reunited at the funeral of their hometown hero, Chris Hayden, tensions escalate as their darkest secrets are revealed. Jeremy (David White), struggling with his calling as a former youth pastor, is caught in an awkward love triangle between his new fiancé and his old flame Sherry (Tracey Melchoir). As the embers of their past relationship reignite, Jeremy?s fiancé Rachel (Stacey Keanan), is determined to solidify their relationship and demands he affirm his commitment to her. Gary (John Schneider) poses questions on everyone’s beliefs as this close knit group of friends contests world views, lifestyles, and personal passions. Pastor Wexler (Reginald Vel Johnson) encourages them not to give up but follow the truth that Chris Hayden lived. Hidden Secrets is a story of love, friendship, redemption and ultimately faith. Humorous, touching and always entertaining. Good film! (90 minutes)

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