Forgiving The Prodigal

Forgiving the Prodigal: Sunday, 12 August at 10:45am and 6:00pm

Forgiving the Prodigal

Let’s face it, we have all struggled at times to forgive. There’s something self-justifying about harboring an unforgiving spirit towards one who has wronged us, especially the prodigal. So why do we struggle to forgive? How can we forgive when we have been so deeply hurt and offended? Join us Sunday morning as we seek to honestly explore the answers.
On Sunday evening we will be showing the film: Turning Back @6pm.

Turning Back brings the parable of The Prodigal Son to life in this modern-day drama. Dave Patterson returns home three years after leaving with his father’s money. He humbly faces his family after wasting an inheritance through a self-indulgent lifestyle. Dave intends to prove to his family that he is serious about turning his life around. He finds out quickly, however, that no plans are necessary as his family welcomes him back with open arms. Everyone, that is, except his own brother. (72 min)


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